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Julie's canvases have always been deeply rooted in the abstract. She works intuitively, fully absorbed in the physicality of the paint. Spaces, forms and textures appear and disappear as layers are added and the surface is reworked until an inviting sense of the familiar evolves, something both universal and intensely personal that unlocks the viewer's memories, emotions and imagination..

She is based  in The Ashdown Forest and London. She studied at Camberwell School of Art and Chelsea School of Art


2023 Jane Newbery Gallery, London (solo)

2022  Jane Newbery Gallery, London (solo)

2020  Jane Newbery Gallery, London (solo) 

2018  Camelot Open House, East Sussex (solo)

2016  Camelot Open House, East Sussex (solo)

2014. Jane Newbery Gallery, London (solo)

2012  Bankside Gallery, London (group)
2010  Bankside Gallery, London (group)
2009  Dulwich Open House, London (solo)
2009  Edward Alleyn Theatre, London (group)
2008  Camelot Open House, East Sussex (solo)
2008  Gill Holland Gallery London (solo)
2005  Brighton, Open House, East Sussex (solo) 
2003  Brighton, Open House, East Sussex (solo)
1999  Westpac Bank, City of London (solo)
1992  South London Gallery, Peckham (group)
1989  The Gallery, Covent Garden (group)


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